Investing in emeralds

If you are looking for an investment emerald, you have to be more careful.

Research all the information you can prior to you buying an emerald so that you can count on the fact that in time it will provide you more $$ than you paid.

Check the emerald jewelry’s origin as emeralds coming from Columbia (mines such as Muzo, Coscuez, and Chivor) are usualy considered to have the highest quality, while good emeralds are also be mined from Brazil, Zambia, Russia and Nigeria.

Looking for the largest, rarest and most extraordinary emerald in the world?

Look no further, the Gachala Emerald found in 1967 in the USA is the largest in the world flawless white emerald is maybe the finest for sale anywhere in the world. What makes it extraordinary is it’s size at nothing less than an amazing 858 carats!

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